The evolution of the Atlanta Falcons football team logo

The Atlanta Falcons’ logo has undergone several changes and iterations since the team’s inception in 1966. Here’s a brief overview of the evolution of the Atlanta Falcons’ logo:

  1. 1966 – 1979: The original Falcons logo featured a simple yet bold design, depicting a black and white falcon in flight, with its wings spread widely. The bird was shown in profile with its distinctive pointed beak.
  2. 1980 – 1989: The team introduced a more stylized and aggressive-looking falcon logo during this period. The falcon’s design was sleeker and more angular, featuring red and black colors to represent the team’s identity.
  3. 1990 – 2002: Atlanta Falcons word mark font changes.

  4. 2003 – Present: In 2003, the Falcons introduced a significant logo and uniform redesign. The new logo featured a more modern and stylized falcon, showcasing a forward-facing bird in flight with a sleeker appearance. The colors remained red and black, but the design became more streamlined and contemporary.

Wordmark 2003: Modernization and Boldness

In 2003, the Falcons introduced a revamped wordmark, departing from the italicized style of the past.
The new wordmark featured a bolder and more straightforward font, shedding the italic slant for a more upright and robust appearance.
This change aimed to modernize the team’s visual identity, projecting strength and solidity in the lettering.


The Essence of The Falcan

Throughout these changes, the team maintained the essence of the falcon as a symbol of strength, agility, and speed, but the designs evolved to reflect contemporary aesthetics and design trends. The current logo introduced in 2003 remains the primary emblem used by the Atlanta Falcons in the NFL.


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