Maryland-themed shield logo of the Baltimore Ravens

The logo featuring images of Maryland and the letters “B” and “R” of the Baltimore Ravens, is often known as the “B” shield or Maryland-themed shield logo.

This shield-style logo represents the connection between the Baltimore Ravens and the state of Maryland. It has the letters “B” and “R” intertwined in a shield-shaped design, with elements that pay homage to the state. This emblem typically incorporates:


Letters “B” and “R”

These letters stand for “Baltimore Ravens” and are interconnected in an ornate style within the logo, forming a cohesive unit. This represents the team’s identity and association with the city of Baltimore.


Images of Maryland

The shield often includes elements that symbolize the state of Maryland. This may include images such as the colors or patterns of the Maryland state flag, including the red, yellow, black and white design that resembles the state flag.

Maryland state flag
Maryland state flag.

Shield Shape

The shield shape of the logo adds a sense of tradition and strength, as shields are historically associated with protection and unity.

This alternate logo is frequently used by the Baltimore Ravens on various branding materials, merchandise and promotional content, showing the team’s pride in its connection to Baltimore and the state of Maryland. The emblem serves as a visual representation of the team’s identity, incorporating local symbolism and team initials into a distinctive, recognizable design.


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