Chicago Bear Mascot

The team’s name, “Bears,” has a historical connection to Chicago’s baseball team, the Cubs. When the football team was established in 1920, the team’s founder, George Halas, wanted a name that would associate closely with Chicago’s baseball team, considering football players to be even bigger and stronger than baseball players. Thus, the name “Bears” was chosen to signify a more formidable presence compared to “Cubs.”

This connection is a nod to the intertwined history of American sports teams and their mascots, where mascots are chosen to represent the team’s spirit and character. The bear, being a powerful and formidable animal, perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the Chicago Bears, making it an ideal mascot for the team.

Staley Da Bear, as the anthropomorphic embodiment of this spirit, serves to engage and entertain fans, while also representing the team’s values and identity in public appearances and community events.


Staley Da Bear, Mascot of The Chicago Bears

Staley Da Bear is a key figure for the Chicago Bears, representing the team in various capacities both on and off the field. Named after A.E. Staley, who founded the Bears’ franchise in 1919, this anthropomorphic bear character wears a custom team jersey and embodies the spirit and enthusiasm of the Bears.

Staley Da Bear, Mascot of The Chicago Bears

Staley made his debut during the 2003 Chicago Bears season, quickly becoming a fan favorite for his entertaining antics at Soldier Field. Beyond game day performances, Staley is heavily involved in community and charitable events, including charity events, parties, and even games involving other sports teams in Chicago. He’s known for making television appearances, especially noticeable during the Bears’ Super Bowl run in 2006.

Staley’s contributions extend beyond entertainment; he participates in educational programs, including anti-bullying campaigns in schools, and is a regular feature at holiday parties and parades, such as the Elmhurst St. Patrick’s Day Parade. His efforts and popularity have earned him the recognition as a Pro Bowl mascot multiple times.

Through his various activities, Staley Da Bear not only promotes team spirit and engagement with fans but also contributes positively to the community, embodying the values and heritage of the Chicago Bears.


Rights to use the image of the Chicago Bears mascot

Staley Da Bear is the official mascot of the Chicago Bears, a professional American football team based in Chicago, Illinois. The copyright and trademark rights to Staley Da Bear, like most professional sports team mascots, are owned by the respective sports team, in this case, the Chicago Bears. These rights are protected under U.S. copyright and trademark laws, which means the Chicago Bears have exclusive control over the use of their mascot’s likeness, including any images, logos, or representations of Staley Da Bear.


Rights to Use the Mascot

  1. Merchandise and Commercial Use: Generally, you cannot legally use Staley Da Bear or any other copyrighted and trademarked mascot for commercial purposes without obtaining permission or a license from the rights holder, in this case, the Chicago Bears organization. This includes creating and selling merchandise like t-shirts.
  2. Personal Use and Gifts: Creating items with the mascot’s image for personal use or to give as gifts in a non-commercial context might fall under a gray area. While it’s less likely to result in legal action compared to commercial use, it’s still technically a use of copyrighted material without permission. The safer route is to obtain permission even for these uses.
  3. Digital Use (Websites, Downloads): Using Staley Da Bear’s likeness on a website or offering files of the mascot for download (in JPG, PNG, SVG, or any other format) is also a use that requires permission from the Chicago Bears. This is true whether the use is commercial or not, as it involves distribution of copyrighted material.

How to Legally Use the Mascot

To use Staley Da Bear legally:

  • Obtain Permission or a License: Contact the Chicago Bears organization to inquire about licensing or permission for the use you have in mind. This is the only way to ensure your use is legal and to understand any restrictions or fees involved.
  • Fair Use Exception: There are limited circumstances under copyright law where use of copyrighted material without permission is allowed, known as “fair use” (e.g., for commentary, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research). However, commercial products like t-shirts or digital downloads usually do not qualify for fair use.


Creating a t-shirt with Staley Da Bear’s print, whether for sale or as a gift, and using the mascot’s likeness on a website for download, requires permission from the Chicago Bears organization to avoid copyright and trademark infringement. Always seek legal advice or direct communication with the rights holder for such uses to navigate copyright laws correctly and ethically.